Biltwell Furniture is continually looking for ways to make a more sustainable product. We actively seek out and research products and manufacturing practices to make furniture that is better for the environment and better for you.

Biltwell Furniture is Locally Made
Buying locally produced goods protects the environment from unnecessary carbon emissions and reduces energy consumption. Our beautiful handcrafted furniture is produced from beginning to end, right here in Portland. Our lifetime warranted frames are made from alder that is responsibly grown and harvested in the Northwest and the foam for our seat and back cushions is also made here in Portland.

Our Manufacturing Process Is Practically Waste Free
We are committed to recycling, from sourcing our raw materials to the end of our product’s life cycle. Our seat springs are made from recycled steel and the batting we use in our cushions is made from recycled drink bottles. In addition, sawdust and wood scraps created during the manufacturing process are recycled or used by our employees to heat their homes. Foam and fiber scraps are never thrown away – they are returned to the manufacturer and recycled into carpet pad.

Built to Last
Furniture made with the finest materials and manufacturing practices will last a lifetime or longer. With lifetime warranties on our springs and frames, we’re reducing the amount of old furniture in landfills. In addition, the materials used to create our upholstered furniture are biodegradable or recyclable.

We are always on the lookout for “green” textile collections to offer our customers. We currently offer collections that are made from recycled polyester fibers and environmentally approved dyes.

We value quality, integrity and style here at Biltwell Furniture – but not at the cost of the environment. We are committed to pursuing and maintaining sustainable practices at every level of the manufacturing process.