About Biltwell 

Furniture is a necessity of the way we live and a very functional part of our homes. But well-made furniture can be more. It is a beautiful addition to everyday living, expressing our personalities, our sense of art, and inviting us to enjoy its comfort.

What is it that makes Biltwell furniture different? All of our furniture is constructed in our factory by seasoned, educated hands using the best materials and old-world techniques right here in Portland, Oregon USA. It is exquisite craftsmanship, unparalleled integrity, superior construction and insightful design that creates furniture recognized by collectors, but most importantly, it is cherished in the home – becoming a part of family stories and memories.

Biltwell and Castellano Furniture are family owned businesses and our roots run deep in the Northwest. We love this place, the beauty of the area and the sustainability ethic that is so strong, particularly in Portland. It’s why we use alder wood that comes from the Northwest and our foam is made is right here in Portland, not somewhere overseas. Our springs are made from recycled steel and we use batting material made from recycled drink bottles. All of our manufacturing waste is either reused or recycled.
Every piece we build is a part of our legacy and the start of something new for our clients. It’s why we think furniture is much more than just a thing to place in the home and why everything we make is 100 percent custom, 100 percent you.